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You just did your best week ever. We can help you repeat it!

Did your guests come from a website, email marketing campaign or a mobile phone? Which event prompted them to make a reservation? Did they enjoy the food and service? Would they recommend you to a friend? Livebookings tracks all this and much more, enabling you to assess your performance, guide your marketing investments and improve customer service.

Over 8,000 restaurants use Livebookings to measure performance and improve customer service. Find a package that is right for your restaurant.

Measure Performance

Livebookings offers enhanced analytical tools giving you the answers to a whole range of performance questions. Not only can you compare online booking levels from one month to the next but you can drill down further to compare the success of campaigns between different months or days. Our analysis tools will enable you to:

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The Livebookings Barometer is an industry-wide post-dining guest survey which measures the booking, dining and service experience of restaurant guests who have booked online with a simple, short email survey, sent the day after dining. The Barometer will allow you to:

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