Livebookings launches deals reservation platform to ease the ‘daily deals’ effect

15 May 2011

Livebookings launches deals reservation platform to
ease the ‘daily deals’ effect


Groupon LivebookingsConsumers now able to reserve immediately after buying a deal, while restaurants’ operational burden is lifted.

With millions of consumers hooked on restaurant deals, the deals market is proving a major contributor to revenue and footfall for the industry. However, with increased business comes a significant operational headache, as restaurateurs are struggling to effectively manage the high level of reservations requests, phone calls and additional covers.

Livebookings today launches a deals reservation platform, leveraging its proven, global and scalable reservations platform, allowing daily deal providers to funnel all deal-buying consumers into one reservation interface. Consumers are restricted to reserving the daily deal only and input their voucher code directly in the interface on the daily deal provider’s website. Livebookings offers restaurants the opportunity to alleviate their operational headaches, avoiding problems with phone calls and double booking.

Benefits of Livebookings Deals Platform

James Robertson, Managing Director of Marco Pierre White's London Steakhouse Co said “Running Groupon deals has worked incredibly well for both of our steakhouse restaurants, getting thousands more diners though the doors. However, after our first campaign, we quickly discovered the logistical challenges – phones ringing off the hook and no easy way to manage the flow of customers turning up at the restaurant. For our second Groupon deal, we integrated with online reservations provider, Livebookings, and were ecstatic with the results – over 1,700 covers booked in 24 hours! For restaurants running Groupon and other daily deals, this gives full control over table availability, so we ensure we sell the inventory that is earmarked for the deal customers. We are currently in the process of planning our third campaign and integration with Livebookings is an absolute must – a deal breaker you could say!”

Livebookings processes over 138 covers every minute for its restaurant clients and has the most sophisticated deals platform in the industry, used by 8,500 customers every day to post deals instantly to their own website and a network of over 300 partner websites, such as and Bookatable.

Andris Berzins, Chief Marketing Officer at Livebookings said: “Our online reservations and marketing platform powers more than one million dining reservations every month for over 8,500 restaurants. Our platform has always allowed restaurants to control availability to steer deals reservations to shoulder times. It is now integrated in a way that can power any restaurant’s daily deal campaign with any deal provider of their choice.”